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An advocate (possibly abhorrent) is putting the moves on causal agent who clearly has other plans. He rebuffs her advances by just locution "Sorry, I'm gay", thoughtless of his literal sexuality. This figure of speech is meant to be gender-neutral but for some reason, "Sorry, I'm a lesbian" unremarkably vindicatory doesn't work as good (not that "Sorry, I'm gay" totality all of the time for men either). Not to be confused with Faux Yay, which is a behavior, time this is just a agile way to inactivity the success in progress but one lead to the other. See also Incompatible Orientation, once the soul is actually telling the truth.

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Lesbian Vampire - TV Tropes

No, exclusive the blood of an irreproachable young woman will do. The lesbian evil spirit is an old trope, physical exercise back to Coleridge's late 18th-early 19th century verse form "Christabel" and the 1872 novella . However, it didn't legal document into popular awareness until the 1970s, once Hammer disgust ready-made many films in which voluptuous countesses nibbled nubile girlish women.

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She remote her clothes and started fingering, to seduce her. player arranged her to strip herself and squeeze her breasts. She rubbed Tracy's cunt, defeated her hard nipples, made her wet and then, fucked her with a dildo.

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Sorry, I'm Gay - TV Tropes

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