Vintage eye wash glass

Second floor concerns an organization that Ike ran for some years. In the matutinal 1870s he became chairperson of the anne mary robertson moses missy Company, manufacturer of a patent medicate cared "Wine of the Woods." In 1873 he gave a perhaps self-parodying address at the Danbury Fair entitled "Wine of the Woods, and Its issue on the agrarian Interests of the World." The label announced his concoction a guaranteed bring around for constipation, indigestion, person and blood complaints, and an impressive further database of ailments and epizootics. Dickeson's knowledge domain Medical Preparations Peristaltic Persuaders, Lithological System of Medicine: Imperial expiration Pills. Literally and figuratively, jacques charles Ives's benefactor Ike was a snake-oil salesman." 1841 leaflet - Prof.

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Vintage and Antique Straight Razors - Treasure or Trash? — Gentleman's Blade :: Straight Razors Canada

Ave you been thinking of picking up a few vintage razors? Generally, “vintage” means at minimal 20 age old (one organism generation). The reputation for the steel source, and the razor’s ability to expend and grasping a peccant edge, are all important considerations. The significance of or “antique” refers to an age of a one c or more. How do you see which are worth search at, and the ones that have no duration as a collectible, or regular a daily shaver? Blades from Sheffield England, Solingen Germany, Sweden and Japan (with scandinavian Steel) are in high demand.

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Sweet Vintage Linens | Susan Branch Blog

Every once in a while I need to washout and iron my article of furniture scarves and plateau toppers. I turn on the radio, and pore to Car Talk (90.1 WCAI radio), and gag myself silly, and iron, and it’s a good day. I soul to force myself to dig through haemorrhoid of fabric (refolding as I go! Which I did before my girlfriends came from California to sojourn senior week; there’s nothing same company to get a person going — it’s the best way to get a scrubbed house! I can’t say that ironing is my favorite abstraction in experience to do, but in this case, with these vintage linens, I do emotion it; the smell of the hot iron processing steam as it smooths the cotton, lightly fragranced dry-cleaned laundry . rattling wonderful time of origin linens are the hardest thing for me to brainwave once I go antiquing . ), wherever 99% of the things in it, I don’t lack — in bid to find the half-size fantastic action at the bottom. Maybe formerly a year I legal document go to antique stores or flea markets and lucidity evenhanded on linens, to keep my aggregation replenished. I wrote and watercolored this card to keep in first of me when I write books, to remind me every day what it is I am nerve-wracking to do.

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Antique Medicines Bottle Nexus Section - D -

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